Community and Tour Information Available From the Front Desk

Experience the unique diversity of an area where Tundra, Taiga, Coastal Estuary and Boreal Forest meet.

  • •Beluga Whales come to the Churchill River every summer to shed their skins and birth their young, these lovely creatures can be viewed by taking a boat tour, kayaking or diving
  • Experience the colourful history of 18th and 19th century fur trade by visiting the historic Prince of Wales Fort and the Parks Canada Visitor Reception in the train station
  • Watch Polar Bears sparing on the Hudson Bay Coast as they await the winter ice by taking a tundra tour
  • Local area bus tours highlight the areas local history, beautiful scenery and unique flora and fauna
  • Eco tours where you ride a little, walk a little, will help you enjoy photographing Caribou, Arctic Fox and Hare, Hundreds of Species of Birds, and short lived but beautiful wild flowers
  • Experience a different kind of ride with a long northern tradition, 4 different Dog Sled operators are available to visitors
  • Indigenous Cree and Dene Lifestyles are highlighted by presentations and crafts for sale
  • View Natures Light Show, the ever changing aurora borealis
  • To get the overall picture of the area, take an aerial tour by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft